Hey all, I am sure this has been asked but I am new so please bear with me . I understand that with the LJ you may not have to do all the same modifications as with a TJ when lifting . So I am going to go with a 33 inch tire and I have 16 inch rims ( factory off a rubicon ) changing gears to 5:13 and I have E-lockers . I currently sit stock other then V8 Cherokee spring in front to level the Jeep with my winch and 31 inch tires . I do go off road with this Jeep but I also pull a camper ( small light casita) and have done this for years . So with that said I would like to know how much lift will I need and whatís the best way to achieve this ? I have been on TJ sights and heard so many different things ( 1.25 BL with 2 inch springs is one , then all spring lift 3.5 ) but with the LJ I read you may not need Yoke slip eliminators and other modifications that you would need on a TJ . I want all the off road function but only want to lift it high enough to get the functionality, no extra lift needed 😊. Thanks for any advice in advance ! KEG