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09-05-2013, 11:10 AM
The stock sub in my LJ has been blown out for years. I'd seen the "Replacement Center Console Subwoofer" in the Quadratec catalog every time I looked at it and thought "I really ought to get that", well, I finally did and I have no idea why I waited.

They say it's an exclusive product because it's an odd setup for mounting and what not, and that it's plug and play. It pretty much is, but I can't leave well enough alone.


Tools I used:
9mm but driver/socket
Torx 15
Torx 25
Normal Phillips and small flathead screwdrivers

I also used a strip of the stick-on rubber foam weatherstrip (as you'll see in pics) that I had handy, it was 1/2" wide x 1/4" tall and was the perfect size for what I needed.

The instructions that come with the thing aren't bad, the order is a little odd on a couple things and I found one obvious improvement over their steps.

You remove the rear part of the console that houses the sub, there's a joint between it and the front section in the middle of the front cupholders. The front bolt on mine was a 9 MM and there's two phillips screws under the rubber mat at the bottom of the rear cupholder. Contrary to what the instructions imply, these are the only fasteners that need to come out to be able to pull the console.



The wiring harness to the amp/sub that live in the console is fastened to a hole in the very front edge of the rear console with one of those push clip jobbers the factory is so keen to use (no pic, sorry). It made pulling the rear console back far enough to get it out from under the front console a little tough. I generally don't like pulling on wiring as hard as I did, but I wasn't going to pull the front console for this, so I worked it until I could get a pair of needlenose pliers on the backside of the clip (it's facing you, so it's pretty simple) to release it. I didn't bother putting this clip back, I didn't see any concern with the wires getting caught in anything, they're too far from the e-brake and pretty taught even without the clip.

The hole where the wiring harness clip attaches to the console is the small one in the top left of this picture.

Once the console is out, you have good access to clean some areas you otherwise never would, if you are into cleaning stuff.

To get the sub/amp box out of the console, the instructions mention removing a "trim piece" that I didn't appear to have, I just needed to do the three phillips screws on the side (no pic, really obvious) and the two phillips screws inside the console. Then there's two "spring washers" that it says to remove. In the rear, you have no choice, so I pulled back on the tabs in the washer with a small phillips, trying not to bend them too much so I could rebend them and reuse the thing since I didn't have another handy (they really should throw two in with the speaker, it would be pennies and actually could replace the washers they supply for the speaker screws, I didn't see any need for those at all, but threw them on just because).




In the front, there's two T25 screws that hold the box to the bracket that's secured with the spring washer, so I opted to remove the fasteners that are made to be reused rather than screwing with the spring washer. The one extra thing that you have to do to go this route is to pop the sub/amp connector off of the bracket, but it's just on one of those "slide-to-lock" holders that Jeep likes, so all you have to do is pull it towards you and it pops right off. The holder is one of those "one-time-use" finned plugs that goes into a hole in the bracket, so it stays put when you pull the plug and it's simple to reattach.

The white thing is the holder, the plug has a channel that mates to the flat top surface, it's pretty easy to see how it comes apart/goes together. Two T25 screws I removed instead of spring washer visible, this picture is sort of sideways, sorry.

At this point, the box is free, pull it out. The mesh protective screen for the sub was loose and fell out on the bench with a bunch of crud. I cleaned things up and checked the sub, think it was time to replace it???


Four T25 screws hold the sub in, you reuse them with the (useless) washers that come with the new sub. Connections are simple, I only needed to squeeze one of the terminals to get it tight on the new sub's spades. Realign the wiring harness and put the new sub in.

Old stuff showing the wiring going to the amp and back to the sub.



New hotness.


With the stock sub, the protective screen aligns with a ridge on the sub, with the new one, it doesn't and the sub sits a bit higher out of the box. I liked the idea of the screen there to keep crud off the speaker (based on how much was piled up in front of it when I pulled it out), so I wanted to put it back. Seemed like it would fit, but there was nothing to hold it in place. I happened to have some 1/2x1/4" stick-on foam weatherstrip that was the perfect size for filling the gap around the screen between it and the box. I cut strips of it and wedged the screen in. The screen (and sub) don't sit parallel to the side of the box, so that's why it's at an angle in the pic.




After that, it's just reversing removal. I squeezed the one spring washer back to shape to reinstall it and added a small zip tie for insurance since there's enough meat on the plastic peg to do so.


I did reseat the sub/amp connector on the holder, but I didn't bother with the wiring clip. Put everything back in and turned on the radio. I'd set the bass all the way down and the treble all the way up to "bypass" the sub all this time, so I had to fiddle with the audio settings to get it back in the mix and OH MAN was it nice to have it back.

Snow "Informer" was on the Sirius 90's station by chance and that was a very fitting and decent song to end up testing the "new" bass.

One very happy LJ owner right here! I already have some aftermarket replacements for the soundbar speaker and I have new Pioneer fronts on order. Can't wait to finally get to all of these overdue audio upgrades.

Hope this helps someone...

09-05-2013, 11:44 AM
This is probably the kick I needed. The previous owner had nuked a couple of the speakers on mine, including the sub. I really need to replace all speakers! Thanks for the write up!

1 Long TJ
09-19-2013, 04:18 PM
I haven't needed to replace the speakers yet, but I did swap out the rear console section for the Tuffy box. I got the one that holds the factory sub. If you're wanting more lockable storage, I would suggest getting the non-speaker version.

04-16-2017, 09:22 AM
I removed the old sub and used the casing to mount a JL Audio HD900. I had pulled this out of the F250 I traded in and didn't want it to go to waste. I also don't like crap under the seat.

I had a JL 12" StealthBox in the truck that also fit like a glove across the back of the Jeep. I bolted the stealth box in from the sides going through the rear wheel wells- making it a permanent fixture.


04-16-2017, 11:02 AM
Good reminder to update this. I think the replacement sub blew out last year. Obviously not happy but haven't bothered getting in there again, partly because I know I'd need to replace with something better that won't bolt in. I'd rather find an entire system off CL or something and just upgrade the whole shebang.