View Full Version : Door surround seal?

1 Long TJ
10-09-2013, 09:49 AM
My jeep had a soft top that was converted to a hardtop by PO. Are you still supposed to have the rubber pieces (door surround seals) under the hard top? I noticed on Ebay they're listed as a soft top part. The hard top does appear to have an indent in that area also.


10-09-2013, 10:03 AM
I have them under my soft top/door surrounds because they were installed when I got it. As far as I know, my LJ has never had a hard top. When I went to buy a hardtop last year, the LJ owner I was buying it from said I would need them, then we checked and I had them already. He said they were for hardtops only, not soft tops. I still have them on my tub with or without the soft top.

10-09-2013, 12:52 PM
Correct, I think they came on the jeep on there regardless of softop or hardtop.

having said that, I've got a box full of them if you need some. We take them off during our hardtop installs.


1 Long TJ
10-12-2013, 03:11 PM
Do you have any of the push pins that hold them on?