Jeep LJ Rules

Welcome to an online community of Jeepers and off-road enthusiasts dedicated to sharing the wonders of the Jeeping world and Jeep LJ ownership in a safe, workplace friendly environment. Our focus is to advance safety, knowledge and enjoyment within the Jeeping community by encouraging the mutual exchange of experiences, ideas and opinions. We sincerely hope you enjoy and benefit from your stay on our site. In order to post to our forums you must be 13 years or older, read these "Terms of Service" (TOS), agree to abide by them, and register. Please feel free to bookmark this page so you can refer to it whenever you deem necessary. This is a workplace and FAMILY friendly board. While the Moderators will do their best to keep it that way, it's impossible for us to review every post. Because all posts are the opinions of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of, we are not responsible for their content, authenticity or accuracy. If any post seems to violate the spirit of this concept, please use this button Report Bad Post (Report Bad Post) at the bottom of the post to notify us. We reserve the right to remove any post or thread from the forum for any reason. This is a publicly-accessible community made possible by the efforts of the owners and moderators and removal of posts has nothing to do with free speech. If you complete registration, you are acknowledging your agreement and consent to this policy. While we encourage discussion about a wide range of subjects, there are certain areas which elicit more animosity and subsequently far more flames. Consequently we ask that discussions involving politics, religion, and nationalities or anything of a sexual nature not be discussed here, please find another online venue for those discussions. It is important that members recognize the inherent dangers in off highway vehicle use and by agreeing to this TOS document, you agree to exempt and release any owner, administrator, moderator, and anyone acting in an official capacity for from all liability or responsibility whatsoever for any personal injury, property damage or wrongful death however caused, including but not limited to the negligence of the released parties, whether passive or active. The Moderators have the last word in any dispute and are responsible for interpreting the TOS. At their discretion, when they deem it in the best interest of the forum, they may edit or delete avatars, pictures, posts and threads, and even ban users when necessary. The creation of multiple accounts by one person is prohibited. Membership is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to deny service to any person at any time with or without cause or notification as well as the right to remove any post or thread at any time. No post should exceed a "workplace friendly" rating (defined). Profane, insulting or mean spirited language is simply not allowed here. Neither is any sort of harassment or bullying. Threats of any sort are grounds for immediate banning. While the debates may wax passionate, there is no need to revert to personal attacks. If you feel that you have been attacked, please do not retaliate and instead use this button Report Bad Post (Report Bad Post) at the bottom of the post to notify us. No trolling or flaming of any sort is allowed in any section of the board! Posts advocating or condoning illegal activity are also not allowed on retains all rights and privileges to content posted, to its user and other databases. Spam, data mining or recruiting our membership other than through authorized use of our commercial (marketplace) forums is expressly forbidden. We are dedicated to keeping our users' information private and will never sell it. Commercial advertising is only allowed on a per incidence basis and pop-ups are expressly forbidden. maintains commercial relationships with numerous companies which are unrelated to the membership of this board. Advertisers are entitled to no extra privileges nor may they break or disobey these rules in any way. Advertising does not imply endorsement of a product, service or user. Please contact the Administrator for further details. While a commercial interest may respond to a request for information in any forum, they are expressly forbidden from starting posts about their goods or services in all forums except the dedicated sponsor forum. A user may only include their company's URL within their signature line. As with all agreements we are sure to have left something out. reserves the right to add to or amend the TOS without any prior warning or the mutual consent of its users. By completing your registration with us, you agree that your participation will conform to any such additions or amendments to the TOS.

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