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    Daystar 1" body lift install

    Finally got around to putting on the 1" body lift to "complete" the overall lift of my LJ to fit 315/75 Duratracs.

    Didn't take many pics of the process, it's not very complicated.

    One thing that had me worried, the instructions mentioned using both a 5/8 and 3/4" sockets to loosen/remove the stock bolts, but the stock bolts were all 5/8" for me. The new bolts were both sizes though.

    Also, my lift kit was missing the lower part of 5 of the bushings (bumper and the two rearmost mounts on each side. Of course I didn't notice until having started pulling one side. What I did was reused the lower part of the stock mounts until I can get Daystar to send me what I am missing.

    The other issue was that I couldn't figure out how to pull the fan clutch to get the fan shroud out to modify to mount 1" lower. I managed to spin the shroud around enough to cut out some extra space for the lower radiator hose with my dremel an drill three new holes to bolt the shroud back on. I had to cut a piece of webbing on the shroud for the top hole on the drivers side, but it was simple and very obvious.

    Here's a sort-of before picture (didn't take one today), this is after the install of a 3.5" Black Diamond lift, it has settled in a bit from this. I flipped the picture to make it match the after:

    Here's the after:

    I flexed it out on some dirt piles after this on the test drive and the rear flares just touch the tops of the tires at full stuff. I can deal with that though, the flares are starting to look a little rough anyway.

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    Re: Daystar 1" body lift install

    I just did mine. I did have different size bolts, but they weren't stock because the PO had already put a 2" spacer in. I didn't like reusing the stock steel inserts, they were already rusty. Also, instead of moving the shroud down, I decided to move the radiator back up 1" (it was already lowered 2" for the BL). The trickiest part was getting the front radiator supports in. I had to run a piece of wire through the nipple and pull them up from inside the headlight opening. And per the directions, I did have to file out the body mount holes (only two) for the new ones to fit. I probably need to check the fuel filler hose too, since I installed the GM check valve when it had the 2" spacers.

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    Re: Daystar 1" body lift install

    I installed the Daystar 1" kit a couple weeks back as the first real mod to my LJ. It was more of a maintenance issue for mine. I just bought the LJ in late Jan of this year and when underneath doing some other maintenance noticed how badly rotten a lot of my original bushings were. I remembered Daystar using all new body mount bushings with their style kit so I figured while going through the effort and cost of replacing I might as well gain an inch and get myself going down the tummy tuck road.
    I was pleasantly surprised that it helped the road ride almost as if I bought new shocks. I assume this means my old mounts were really as they looked. Anyway as I got into it I decided to replace the original metal cups that sit on top of the bushings since they were way rusted too. I found them on eBay for about $70/11.

    I was lucky enough to get all 11 bolts out without incident. Considering my Jeep spent time in the NE I was bit surprised. I too had to very lightly grind with Dremel the one mount along each side closest to front tire. I loosened the gas filler before starting and adjusted the length of filler by loosening the 2 hose clamps and stretching out existing equipment. I did have to cut hose clamp cause it was rusted badly.

    I had one original upper bushing and cup by the gas tank that was the toughest part. The bushing had somehow fused to the mount through rust. It took good 30 minutes to cut and pound out.
    I've done BL of a YJ, TJ and JK and this took me longer cause of that and messing with the filler hose. I also struggled with removing the transfer case bracket initially. There is a small metal tab on each of the 4 washers on the underside. They are designed to catch part of the bushing and one of mine was not and just kept spinning. Once I learned from the first attempt the other 3 were much easier.

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