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    Transmission pan upgrade.

    I was doing some research on aftermarket trans.pans and I found a thread that implied the '06 had an improved pan already on it. However, when I compared what I had on my '06, it fit the description of the old one. Anyone else have any information on this.

    Copied from this thread -

    "I will try to answer this since TF7 hasn't posted since September. From what I remember from inside the pan on my 06 there is a hill, and the large magnet sits around that hill like a donut on a ring toss game. I think in the pictures you can see the the old pan has a recess on the inside that the smaller magnet fits in. This recess looks like someone glued a silver dollar on the bottom of the pan and painted over it.

    This makes sense that you cant use the old magnet, because the center hole (if it even has one) is not big enough to go around the half ping pong ball sized hill in the 06 pan."

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    Re: Transmission pan upgrade.

    Interesting, I had no idea...

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