Could not find a tread, so started one.

When I was driving my YJ, after a couple years wheeling it, I decided to install a snorkel. Yes, to me it was giving it a nice extrem adventure look, but I also put my self in position where I ad close calls and figured that a snorkle was chepaer than an engine.

So at the time, I went with what was available, a Safari ARB snorkle. Got to tell you that it save my engine on some occasion, so never regreted it.

Yj was put on the side a year a go, just move it last week on it owns power, only need a little booster start. To bad that the engin are not compatible, I would keep it as a spare, but then again, at 320 000 km (120 000) made in its off road life mode, it might not be good for many more years.

So back to my LJ, I new from the start that I wanted a snorkle on the LJ, but did not wanted the full blown ARB style. So decided to go with the hummer style. Found a dust pre cleaner that my friend was suposed to return to ARB, offer him 20$ for it, last year. But still had no idea how I would make that happen.

Last week, I decided that is was time, and started to removed part, and to open the cowl to see what kind of room I was working with. Also looked at some built, and off we go.

Sorry, no built picks, I'm just like that. To much in a project to think about taking pictures. I did reused the flex pipe of my YJ snorkle, but it is about it. I made custom parts and wanted to used 3" abs pipe and adapters, so I could get the prefilter higher w/o tools by simply sceewing and longer pipe in the field if needed. I did run into small issues as I was going, I had to redo my abs assembly under the cowl cause it was to high. I had to reshape one elbow, cause I did forget to verifiy the wiper motion for clearance, and also did not notice until almost the end that the pre-cleaner was just in front of the helper seat. (Only with the extention pipe will this be a probleme, but easy scew on and off by hand). Also had to give a little more angle to the left wiper cause it would hit the pre-cleanner.

But pretty happy with the result as is.

Here are the 2 pics that I have.
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