So I just got my first LJ a week or so ago. I knew going in that it needed work so no real surprise. Sometimes ( but not always) when I get up to about 50mph if the road is uneven or I hit a bump it starts shaking like crazy. Stops when I get below 45ish. I am pretty sure that I need new front rotors and pads. Previous owner had rear done last year but not front. It has sat for awhile so I know that there is surface rust on them as well.

I was going to start by checking/doing the brakes since I feel that is needed no matter what. The tires and rims are a bit worn, plus I would prefer a little larger tire anyway ( has 31's now, would like 33's). I am hunting for a set of rims and tires. My thinking is - make sure brakes are good and that the rims and tires I will be running are in good shape and balanced, then see how it does and go from there. It has a lift already, not sure exactly what but he had a local shop do it. I plan to go by there and see if they still have a record of it so I know exactly what I have.

Anything else I should be checking while I am at it? I am no mechanic but I am capable of doing some things myself and I am (hopefully) learning more every day. Want to do things a step at a time so that I know when something changes for better or worse what the cause was.

Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.